Ben Owen Memorial 10. H10/17r. 18 June 2009.
Proceeds go to a Leukeamia Charity.
Team Scores Fastest 4 of 5
Didcot Phoenix CC (A)1:26:43
Oxford University (A)1:26:48
Newnury RC (A)1:28:36
Fairly United RT1:32:08
Didcot Phoenix CC (B)1:34:23
Oxford City RC1:35:21
Newbury RC (B)1:35:29
Oxonian CC1:37:20
10 mile
45Ian GreenstreetNewbury A11:2721:07
47Jesse ElzingaOxford University A11:2721:10
23Henry MartinOxford University A11:2021:13
26Paul LloydDidcot Phoenix A11:2421:23
36Phil BrownDidcot Phoenix A11:2921:26
39Anton BlackieOxford University A11:4321:36
46Mark CoxDidcot Phoenix A11:4921:45
17Nick DruceDidcot Phoenix A11:3922:09
37Ian ReeceNewbury A11:5422:12
29Chris EdgintonFairly United RT11:5522:23
35Asa AdeyOxford City RC11:5122:23
18Martin SigristNewbury A11:5122:37
27Ian LakeyNewbury A11:5122:40
19Paul GrangerFairly United RT12:0322:49
32Jonathan MarciniOxford University A12:0922:49
38Peter OliverFairly United RT12:1122:50
31Andy LaycockNewbury B12:0822:56
9Steve McKeeverOxford University A12:0823:05
16James SchofieldOxford University B12:1223:06
22Steve WrightDidcot Phoenix B12:1323:13
8Aaron BatesNewbury A12:0123:19
30Alan AllcockDidcot Phoenix B12:2223:29
1Mark ScanlanDidcot Phoenix B12:1923:36
44Ben de-WetOxford University B12:2823:37
7Stan MaciakDidcot Phoenix A12:2123:38
20Charlie ElseyNewbury B12:2023:38
21Martin PriorOxonian12:1823:45
12Simon HarrisonNewbury B12:3123:51
40Paul AlldayOxford City RC12:5123:52
24Adrian SellOxford City RC12:4324:02
11Mike CooperDidcot Phoenix B12:4124:05
10John BaldwinFairly United RT12:3924:06
43James HuntOxonian13:0424:14
33Peter SaundersOxonian13:0324:38
13Dave BrooksOxonian13:0524:43
2Cliff VollerNewbury B12:4425:04
6Steve AveryOxford City RC12:5925:04
41Roger DavisNewbury B13:2825:09
3David SommerladOxonian12:5825:14
5Barry QuickReading CC13:0625:23
49Mick FountainReading CC (2nd Claim)13:3925:25
48Ron SmithDidcot Phoenix B13:2025:36
42Vicki Fleming (W)Oxford University Tri13:4525:40
15Claire Vallance (W)Oxford City RC13:5126:26
4Ali Crocker (W)Oxford University Tri13:4626:33
14Roberta Dionello (W)Oxford University TriD.N.S.
25Amy Brighton (W)Oxford University TriD.N.S.
28Sebastian PancratzOxford University BD.N.S.
34Laura Ingle (W)Oxford University TriD.N.S.