Didcot Phoenix CC H25/17 10 May 2009. Speed order.
In this event Vets Plus/minus are shown in MPH using the VTTA tables to give young vets a sporting chance.
Traffic lights were put up in this event.
The workmen kindly delayed putting them up but Number 29 having a late start and starting at 08:43
caught them when the workmen thought all the riders had gone by.
No.NameClubTurnVet +Time
20Jesse ElzingaOxford University CC28:5255:13
30T BallTeam Swift Allsports28:524.122+55:52
40C ZanettacciLeisure Lakes RT28:504.758+56:38
10R HowesCoventry RC30:284.573+58:05
47J FrenchOxford City RC30:155.408+58:18
25N DruceDidcot Phoenix CC30:4359:08
26S McKeeverOxford University CC30:5359:20
46P OliverFairly United CT30:393.137+59:32
45S MaciakDidcot Phoenix CC31:075.665+1 00:27
31P GrangerFairly Unites CT31:093.619+1 00:42
5M ScanlanDidcot Phoenix CC31:352.678+1 01:03
15C ThomasOxford City RC31:433.148+1 01:05
42A Waters-PeachRoyal Sutton Cycling31:363.061+1 01:18
35M WoolfordDiamond-HF.com31:372.141+1 01:34
7T RoddaRAF C.A.32:181 01:46
38T DaviesIcknield RC31:211.696+1 01:51
21A AllcockDidcot Phoenix CC32:213.584+1 02:21
14I MiddletonDidcot Phoenix CC32:241 02:35
2A BurnettBicester Millenium CC32:331.881+1 03:32
41S WrightDidcot Phoenix CC32:291 03:32
23G MookDidcot Phoenix CC33:111.833+1 04:06
16C LoweSwindon RC33:252.062+1 04:47
28M RickinsonOxford Tri34:261 05:19
1M FountainDidcot Phoenix CC33:514.395+1 05:39
37P RichardsonDidcot Phoenix CC33:241 05:43
11J PageBicester Millennium CC34:341.945+1 06:27
22M MurkinSwindon RC34:343.247+1 06:33
12M CooperDidcot Phoenix CC34:291 06:40
36J HowellsCorinium CC34:313.478+1 07:58
39A CowburnAmersham Road CC35:131 08:39
32G Reynolds (W)Willesden C C35:093.291+1 08:59
8H Latimer (Jn)Didcot Phoenix CC35:431 09:23
44W DouglasVC Sevale Malvern35:153.295+1 09:24
9J FrancisHigh Wycombe CC36:041.875+1 09:27
33R BlackmoreIcknield RC35:560.371-1 10:14
4P HarknettCamel Valley C & TC36:202.444+1 10:23
34L Wells (W)Didcot Phoenix CC36:411 11:30
3G Henderson (W)Didcot Phoenix CC38:311.128+1 12:57
13C Tremaine (T)Kettering CC37:524.172+1 13:00
6A MacvarishHigh Wycombe CC38:002.22+1 13:02
18R MiddletonCoventry CC38:091.318+1 13:48
17A MurrayBicester Millenium CC38:240.743+1 13:49
29M WebberDidcot Phoenix CC38:58*1 17:04*
24C HartOxonian CC42:471.01 23:16
19A HuckinDidcot Phoenix CCD.N.S.D.N.S.
27P EckloffWarwickshire RCD.NS. D.N.S.
43D JewellTeam Swift CCD.N.S.D.N.S.

Late Start Number 29 Time includes 2 Min 00 Seconds. Plus about 30sec at trafic lights.