Oxonian Hardriders Event 20 March 2004 Speed order

Note. A tree was blown down during the event and a well intentioned person
informed some riders of this and indicated the event had been called off.
The event had not been abandoned and some riders passed the tree to finish.
The wind at the finish near Brill windmill was so strong the organiser was
blown off his trike and finished on foot.

NameClubTimeVet +-No.
Roy ChamberlainTeam Milton Keynes1:22:39 10
Tim BayleyArctic Shorter RT1:22:56 30
Adam IllingworthTeam Milton Keynes1:24:40 41
Roland ElsdonRugby RCC1:31:14 8:24- 37
Richard LukesSheffrec CC1:35:09 7
Jonathan Beard (T)Royal Forest of Dean CC1:38:02 31
Peter WhitfieldOxonian CC1:38:23 9:09- 3
Ian ShapiroOxford University CC1:39:35 27
Richard MillerNorth Bucks RC1:40:2221:10- 6
Geoff Booker (T)Oxonian CC1:42:20 5:31- 25
Jason GurneyTeam Milton Keynes1:43:30 17
Vic PriorOxonian CC1:43:3915:44- 1
Alistair BateyOxonian CC1:56:17 13
Stuart HathawayOxonian CC2:00:1035:28- 8
Peter Holland (T)Lincoln Wheelers CC2:13:3035:58- 9
Steve Avery (T)Mid Oxon CRT2:15:21 18

D.N.F. Numbers 2,11,12,14,15,19,21,22,23,26,28,29,33,35,36,38,39,40,42,44,45,49,50,51.
D.N.S. Numbers 4,5,16,20,24,32,34,43,46,47,48,