Didcot Phoenix CC. H10/181. 24 August 2013.

Despite a terrible forecast, the rain missed Witney and the event was held in dry
conditions. Even more crucial to the running of this event than the weather are the
volunteers. Without these people the event would not be possible.
DPCC open ten team (in the order you encountered their efforts) were...

Signage set up/removal-Pete Tantrum/Dave Rodger
Sign on Clerk-Ron Smith
Official Observer-Simon Evans
Pusher-Neil Morris
Start Timekeeper-Marion Fountain
Turn Marshal One-Simon McGowan
Turn Marshal Two-William Annels
Turn Marshal Three-Roni McGowan
Finish Timekeeper-Mark Scanlan
Numbertaker-Phil Robbins
Results Board-Rachael Elliott (N.R.C.) / Mick Fountain
Tea and Cake Stall-Zoe Tantrum/Carole Rodger
Thank you for entering our event and hope to see you all next year.
No.NameClubTurnVet +Time
1Walker S & CLeamington C & AC17:082.22+26:57
No.NameClubTurnVet +Time
40Coomber RCadence RT12:2320:33
50Gamlin PAvonlea/Treasure RT12:465.13+20:51
60Harradine STeam Echelon - Rotor13:1821:24
45Williamson SVelo Club Godalming & Haslmer13:314.01+22:08
51Oliver PFairly United Cycling Team13:594.00+22:36
36Clark G (Jn)High Wycombe CC13:4122:37
43Spragg DKingston Wheelers CC13:473.28+22:41
25Waller HOxford City RC14:003.50+22:51
20Costello TCorinium CC13:583.12+22:52
30Rowley MOxonian CC14:063.30+22:53
10Dowling JHemel Hempstead CC14:204.20+22:54
6Stow SHounslow & Dist Whs14:173.30+23:06
55Mcardle SCheltenham & County CC14:463.41+23:39
11Mason ABicester Millennium CC14:572.35+23:52
56Tinn D (W)Maidenhead & Dist CC15:044.47+23:56
4Lowe NCotswold Veldrisden15:052.33+24:03
26Davies S TAddiscombe CC14:403.34+24:04
16Douglas VRAF CA15:112.07+24:06
22Tillson GOxonian CC15:0724:16
8Kelly ABristol South CC15:122.15+24:21
44Appleyard MLancashire RC14:552.09+24:23
34Sykes ATeam Quest15:021.28+24:31
12Warby ALeicester Forest CC15:1024:34
31Wright AHigh Wycombe CC15:071.52+24:35
57Bourton JBicester Millennium CC00:003.00+24:38
7Foster RClub Corley Cycles15:452.09+24:50
3Hillsdon IDidcot Phoenix CC15:2824:52
52Voller CNewbury RC15:252.52+24:59
47Prior MOxonian CC15:350.56+25:08
17Woolard TNorthovers VT15:363.21+25:11
46Frowen RTeam Cherwell15:412.09+25:23
32Cosgreave NFarnborough & Camberley CC15:471.38+25:31
33Hunt JOxonian CC16:0326:05
18Clements GFrome & Dist Whs16:102.43+26:09
27Gaida J (Jn)Rapha Condor CC16:2326:16
23Landeg SOgmore Valley Whs16:191.05+26:27
48Goodway M (W)Banbury Star CC16:373.25+26:58
53Cockbain PSouth Bucks RC16:582.26+27:00
24Gould OOxonian CC16:4127:14
29Croxford B (Jn)High Wycombe CC16:3227:14
39Austin J (Jn)High Wycombe CC16:2527:21
42Quick BReading CC22:26*3.76-31:58*
Late Start. Number 42 time includes 6:30 penalty.
D.N.F. Number 49.
D.N.S. Numbers 5913141519212835373841545859.