TIMETR version 12.9. created 20 March 2013

A system for cycle time trial organisers. Details of riders are entered as they are received including qualifying times, date of birth and address. On the closing date the system can number the field and using the RTTC tables, calculate handicap allowances as well as VTTA standards. From version 9.4.r the new trike allowances have been included. Start sheets can be produced and envelopes printed.
At the event arrival times, DNS, DNF and late start information can be entered. Actual times, vets plus and handicap net times can be printed large enough for a result board.
After the event result sheets can be printed in speed, vets plus or handicap net time order. Team results in speed or vets plus can be listed.
The results can also be produced in a file suitable for the WEB or your favourite publishing package.

Version 9.4.p allows for handicaps based on best improvement to vets plus. Also a hidden menu option "G" will print a scatter graph using handicap net times and starting number as the axes.
Version 9.5.6 allows for address labels or envelopes to be printed in name order or starting number order.
Version 9.5.8 allows for teams on handicap to be listed.
Version 9.5.9 allows for alternative field placing on H25/1 and corrects dealing with fast novices in handicaps using tables.
Version 9.5.a allows handicaps to be printed as net or +- on target. Also adds Geof's label format.
Version 9.5.b prints late start details on timekeepers check sheet.
Version 9.5.c allows for print mailing list to produce TTFILEEX.CSV file.
Version 9.5.d corrects 9.5.c to allow Forenames first in CSV file.
Version 9.5.e corrects printing of "-" sighn on handicap net time.
Version 9.5.f allows for vets who exceed 99.59 plus.
Version 9.5.j checks if DNS or DNF entered for a rider after that rider had a time entered.
Version 9.5.m allows for half minute starting intervals. ** Error **
Version 9.5.n corrects an error introduced in version 9.5.m.
Version 9.5.p removes half minute facility. (Was not complete).
Version 9.5.s contains mods suggested by Harlequins CC.
Version 9.5.v improves back up of database.
Version 9.6.1 prints results from a range of numbers (Harlequins groups).
Version 9.6.2 Corrects error where rider number 1 was missed from result.
Version 9.6.9 On time entry screen new option "F7" shows 120 riders times on screen. Also shows these times when printing for large result board.
Version 9.6.c Improve screen display of result during print big result.
Version 9.6.e Show upto fastest 60 on time entry screen. Women in different colour.
Version 9.6.h Corrects error resulting in error code 9.147 File failure.
Version 9.6.q Improves display of results using wider colums if small fields and shows ladies in different colour.
Version 9.6.r Removes bug in result board prining module.
Version 9.6.t Removes bug in change heading and club names module.
Version 9.7.2 Shows more results on screen during data entry for the benefit of those with a projector. Also allows for Vets results to be calculated as plus or minus on M.P.H.
Version 9.7.7 Allows for DNS to not be shown on screen during enter times giving more space to the riders recording times. Also shows lady riders in magenta instead of green.
Version 9.7.e Corrects error. List of DNS did not include all DNS in some cases.
Version 9.7.f Shows H:MM:SS on time entry screen instead of MMM:SS. Also corrects number event screen.
Version 10.6 Allows for results to be shown in speed or vets order during entry of times and makes room for 160 riders.
Version 10.g Correct fault in rebuild database. When results are shown in VTTA order, age groups are colour coded.
Version 10.n Correct fault in 30 mile vets table.
Version 12.6 Uses (2012) VTTA tables.
Version 12.9 Uses new (2013) VTTA tables.

To get the latest version of TIMETR click on the link below and choose save to disk.
Choose a folder on your machine and save the file.
The file is a self extracting zip file.
You need to run this file (micktt.exe) and it will expand into the 7 files that form the system.
One of the files is TIMETR.TXT. You should read this.
Then you need to create a short cut to TIMETR.EXE to run the system.
Get TIMETR vsn 12.9
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