Mick's Cyclo Cross results.

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Oxonian CC8 November 2015
Oxonian CC13 September 2015
Oxonian CC9 November 2014
Oxonian CC14 Sepember 2014
DPCC. South Reg Champ Vet/lady/Jun event8 Dec 2013
Oxonian CC10 November 2013
Oxonian CC15 September 2013
Oxonian CC4 November 2012
Oxonian CC15 September 2012
Didcot Phoenix CC27 November 2011
Behind The Bikeshed Cyclo Cross20 November 2011
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross30 Octaber 2011
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross17 September 2011
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross23 January 2011
Thruxton Cyclo Cross21 November 2010
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross30 October 2010
Didcot Phoenix CC Cyclo Cross10 October 2010
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross18 September 2010
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross31 October 2009
Didcot Phoenix CC Cyclo Cross11 October 2009
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross27 November 2008
Oxonian CC Cyclo Cross1 November 2008
Didcot Phoenix CC Cyclo Cross12 October 2008
Didcot Phoenix CC Road Race21 September 2008
Oxonian CC8 December 2007
Oxonian CC3 November 2007
Didcot Phoenix CC CC14 October 2007
Oxonian CC6 October 2007
Central Div Road Race3 June 2007
Oxonian CC9 December 2006
Reading CC26 November 2006
Oxonian CC4 November 2006
Didcot Phoenix CC15 October 2006
Oxonian CC30 September 2006
Didcot Phoenix CC Road Race25 June 2006
Oxonian CC22 January 2005
Reading CC31 October 2004
Didcot Phoenix CC10 October 2004
Oxonian CC19 September 2004
Didcot Phoenix CC Road Race20 June 2004
South of England Champs.7 December 2003
Reading CC9 November 2003
Oxonian CC1 November 2003
Oxonian CC5 October 2003
Oxonian CC21 September 2003
Didcot Phoenix CC Road Race22 June 2003
BUSA16 February 2003
Oxonian CC26 January 2003
Didcot Phoenix CC15 December 2002
Oxonian CC7 December 2002
Didcot Phoenix CC17 November 2002
Oxonian CC3 November 2002
Oxonian CC6 October 2002
Oxonian CC15 September 2002
Oxonian CC10 February 2002
Oxonian CC27 January 2002
Didcot Phoenix CC16 December 2001
Oxonian CC8 December 2001
Didcot Phoenix CC18 November 2001
Reading CC11 November 2001
Oxonian CC4 November 2001
Oxonian CC7 October 2001
Oxonian CC16 September 2001
Didcot Phoenix CC24 June 2001
Oxonian CC20 January 2001
Didcot Phoenix CC17 December 2000
Oxonian CC9 December 2000
Didcot Phoenix CC19 November 2000
Reading CC12 November 2000
Oxonian CC5 November 2000
Oxonian CC7 October 2000
Oxonian CC10 September 2000
Didcot Phoenix CC23 January 2000
Oxonian CC15 January 2000
Oxonian CC4 Dec 1999
Didcot Phoenix CC21 Nov 1999
Reading CC13 Nov 1999
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