Mick's Cycling Systems.

Shareware to help event organisers. Some results.
View details of TIMETR Get TIMETR ver 12.9 (132k)
View details of CYCLOX Get CYCLOX 12/13 season (62k)
View details of MAFBAR Get MAFBAR ver 1.w (58k)
Get VET3BAR ver 1.0 (104k)
View details of KOLIST Get KOL ver 1.t (59k)
Average speed program Get MPH.COM ver 1.1
Boxing day 10 mile handicap table
Mick's photos
Time trial & Roller comp results
TT Vets results by two options
Cyclo X & Road race results
DPCC Castle points table (2017)
DPCC Scratch points table (2017)
Gathering 2000 Photos
Fountain Family Tree
To contact Mick send an email to mick@mickfountain.co.uk

Some useful links.
VTTA West Group.
Old London West District site
W.L.C.A. Pages
Didcot Phoenix CC Pages
Hillingdon CC Pages
Costa Cycling Winter Training
Tooley Adams for antique maps
Polish Translation